Our Carbon Offset calculations for 2018 are as follows:

(KG figures are kilogrammes of carbon dioxide emissions as per www.atmosfair.de)

  • Return flight London to Amman = 1882KG
  • Return flight London to Tehran via Istanbul = 2389KG
  • One way flight London to Dushanbe = 1538KG
  • One way flight from Tashkent to Nukus = 549KG
  • One way flight from Bishkek to London via Istanbul = 2545KG
  • One way flight¬† from London to Baku = 1034KG
  • One way flight from Baku to Tbilisi = 147KG
  • One Way flight from Tbilisi to London via Istanbul = 974KG

Total 10,058 KG Co2 emissions

We have used the Trees for Life (UK native species) calculator to work out that we must plant 6 native trees per tonne of Co2 for offsetting purposes.

This is 61 trees, to which we have added 30% for any tree losses due to disease or dieback. This brings us to 79 trees.

We will be planting these trees in February 2019, date to be advised via our newsletter.

If any of our customers would like to join us to offset their own emissions, we will be pleased to have you along!

Tree planting in Spring 2018. Native Species hedgerows, Somerset, UK