About the size of Belgium, Armenia lies to the south of Georgia and was similarly vital to the Silk Road network. A country with a complex and often tragic history, few destinations offer so much history, culture and natural bounty in such a small area: snowy mountains, grassy highlands, volcanic ridges and alpine lakes are all on offer here, not to mention some of the oldest and most spectacular Christian churches in the world.

With some of the most welcoming locals we’ve met, glorious food, delicious drink and wonderful scenery, it’s hard not to love Armenia.

Things we love about Armenia

  • The churches Armenia, the world’s first Christian nation, does churches like no one else. You’ll find them everywhere, and often in spectacular locations – teetering on mountaintops, perched on the edge of lakes and cut into rockfaces.
  • Walking. Thanks to our friend Tom Allen, the co-founder of the pioneering Trans-Caucasian Trail, Armenia is in the process of becoming a world-class trekking destination. So dust off those boots and prepare for a walk on the wild side.
  • Yerevan The stylish, buzzing capital. For a city that’s 1,700 years old, Yerevan feels incredibly young. With its vibrant café culture and buzzing contemporary arts scene, it’s an exciting place to be.
  • The People. I know, I know, we’re always harping on about how friendly the people are – but the same is very much true of Armenia. Hugely proud of their country, the Armenians are kind, generous-spirited and full of good cheer.