The size of Germany and Italy combined (or marginally smaller than Texas) and home to a mere 30 million people, much of Afghanistan has a very low population density. But, for obvious reasons, it is not currently high on many bucket lists and very little foreign travel is undertaken there.

As all over the world, a country’s people are not defined by the government in power, nor the press attention focused upon it. Perhaps nowhere is this more true than Afghanistan, where much of the population has little choice but to endure their governance in one form or another. In the only region we visit – Badakhshan – much of the population is ethnically identical to those a stones’ throw away across the River Pyanj in Tajikistan. And, as in Tajikistan’s neighbouring Pamir region, the people are heart-warmingly hospitable and the scenery mind-blowing.

We will closely monitor the situation prior to any planned expedition to Afghanistan, and will only take you there if the British Foreign Office, our Risk Assessors and up-to-date local information all give us the green light. For those who do cross the border from Tajikistan and make it into this incredible slither of wilderness, you won’t be disappointed.