Iraq isn’t on everyone’s “must-do” list of travel destinations.

What a tremendous shame, as it has so much cultural and landscape diversity to offer.

Iraq and Iraqi-Kurdistan (an autonomous, self-governing region recognised by the Iraqi constitution) offer very different glimpses into greater Iraq.

Although much of Iraq remains “off limits” to tourism, there are areas that are most certainly open for business and hugely rewarding to those who make the effort to visit. We will, of course, not sugugest travel to those areas that are deemed by international governments to be unsafe.

Iraqi Kurdistan is, like so much of the Middle East, often in the news for the wrong reasons. But what the headlines never mention is that this little-visited corner of the world is an adventure-lovers paradise, a mountain haven bursting with fantastic scenery and welcoming people. And while much of Iraq remains off-limits to travellers, this corner has remained stable and thankfully free from the grip of the so-called Islamic State.

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