Palestine Tours

Palestine (or the Palestinian Occupied Territories) is a destination mostly associated with ‘Holy Land’ tours, the focus of which is mainly Jericho. But the West Bank is an area of unending interest, beauty, warm welcomes and delicious food. The landscape is varied from Mediterranean olive groves in the north to date palms and dry desert in the south. Between the two ends of the West Bank are mountains, canyons, cities and many thousands of years of civilisations whose marks have been left across the land.

We focus on walking trips here, as we have found that 3 miles per hour is the best pace to understand this landscape. Our hikes are usually supported and the people you’ll meet, stories you’ll hear and sights you’ll see will fire your imagination for many moons to come.

Follow your nose to the West Bank and we guarantee you will not regret it.

Things we love about Palestine

  • The constant surprises. Stumbling across Byzantine ruins in villages no one’s heard of; the endless layers of history; the countless invitations to tea from welcoming strangers.
  • The amazing welcome visitors receive, from people whose lives are far from easy.
  • The food. Maqluba, the famous Nablusi kanafeh, some of the best olive oil on earth, fatoush salads, hummus and a mouth-watering array more.
  • Fresh herb tea cooked over an impromptu fire in the desert.
  • The fact the money we spend here is having a genuinely positive impact on people’s lives.
  • That travel here is a life-altering experience – this a place that touches the very depths of your soul.