Do you want to travel the Silk Road, but do it your way?

With years of experience in organising expeditions, TV shoots and doing bespoke consultancy, we know what it takes to organise something genuinely unique. In fact, several of our trips have been – or will be – world firsts. And that is what your trip should be – personal to you rather than off-the-peg.

Perhaps you have an interest in wildlife conservation, in the train network and metro stations, or in whitewater rafting, or in living with nomads.

Maybe you want to organise a special-interest tour focusing on Uzbek ceramics, or fancy helicoptering over a glacier and riding camels across the Taklamakan.

Or you might like us to organise a bespoke expedition including private jet, luxury yurt camps with hot showers, Egyptian cotton bedlinen and your own chef? No problem.

Whatever you want to do, we know the right places and people to make that happen for you.


We have now organised trips for a great number of our guests on tailor-made itineraries across the Silk Road, from 5 days of city sights in Uzbekistan, to 60 days across 7 countries. We not only have our own network of brilliant local partners, but also a group of highly respected friends whose expert knowledge we can draw-on to develop the very best personalised experiences.

We develop complex trips that you can experience simply

If it’s on the Silk Road and you want to do it, please feel free to chat with us.

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