Beyond what WE say about ourselves, our descriptions of the routes you will travel, the places and people you’ll see, and beyond the presentation of our ethos or our recommendation of how a particular trip might appeal to you, it is important to hear from those who have already travelled with us – they and their testimonials are your best guide as to whether we are what we say we are.

We encourage all of our guests to provide reviews of their experience on Google. We believe this to be more independent, less open to corrupting influence and therefore more reliable than any other review source. You can read a selection of submitted reviews here.

After every single trip – small group or tailor-made – we also provide our customers with a digital feedback form to complete. Robust feedback helps us to continually improve and is simply vital for companies like ours. Taken from these surveys, here are some testimonials from our previous guests. Huge thanks are due to each and every person who took the time to write about their experience of travelling with Silk Road Adventures.

Howard, Canada

“Simply the best riding I’ve ever done”

Howard, Canada : Tajikistan 2018











Henrietta, USA

“Hard to describe how gorgeous is all was”

Henrietta, USA : Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan 2018












Robin, UK

“This trip to Jordan was a fantastic tour from start to finish. Nothing had been overlooked and the day to day leadership was excellent. The meals in camp were better than most restaurants and the guides knew their stuff about plants, wildlife and geology. The way the trip was planned was excellent with a great mixture of challenge, relaxation and visits”

Robin, UK : Jordan 2019












Andy, UK

“The trip surpassed everything I had expected. Thank you”

Andy, UK : Tajikistan 2018













Michael, Germany

“Brilliant. I’m so very glad I did it”

Michael, Germany: Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan 2015













Michael, UK

“What a terrific time! Congratulations on a masterfully managed adventure”

Michael, UK: Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan 2016














John, Scotland

“Our guide Yulia was excellent. The planning team were responsive to what we wanted and created an excellent itinerary”

John, Scotland : Uzbekistan 2019












Wendy, UK

“Experience of a lifetime for me! 1st time travelling alone and I didn’t feel out of place”

Wendy, UK : Georgia and Azerbaijan 2019












Merryn, UK

“Thanks for a fabulous trip”

Merryn, UK : Palestine 2017












David, UK

“Without question, this trip was one of  the best things I’ve ever done”

David, UK : Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, 2015













Anthony and Ommar, UK

“It gave us a wonderful perspective of an important, emerging, geo-political part of the world. “

Anthony and Ommar, UK : Georgia and Azerbaijan, 2019













Scott, USA

“You enabled me to fulfil a dream I have had for close to ten years”

Scott, USA: Tajikistan 2019













Mark, Hong Kong

“This trip to the Pamir was a life’s highlight for me. An experience Ill never forget and (if I had one) a bucket list item in every way”

Mark, Hong Kong : Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan 2019













Magnus, UK

“The 30-day trip to Iran was unbelievable. The off-the-beaten track locations such as Babak Castle and Alamut Valley were brilliant hidden gems. The people of Iran were so kind and friendly and they really made the trip fantastic. Our guide just knew everything about everything – superb!”

Magnus, UK : Iran 2019














Rupert, UK

“Exceptional organisation. Brilliant.”

Rupert, UK : Bangkok to Tbilisi 2018














Thomas, UK

“Guides were fantastic and the organisation was flawless”

Thomas, UK : Jordan 2018















Steve, Canada

“I loved this trip. It was a mix of off road challenges, unbelievable scenery & ultimately real satisfaction. It made for an excellent group ride where we rode in mutual support and had fun from start to finish.”

Steve, Canada : Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan 2019















Sir Charles, UK

“Thank you both so very much for planning and executing such a wonderful expedition”

Sir Charles, UK : Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan 2015