Georgia by Motorcycle (Hire Only)

Code: GEO/MOTO/F&R/19
1 Day
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Georgia is a superb country to explore by motorbike. Whether you are a biker who enjoys travelling or a traveller who likes to ride motorbikes, this country has everything you could wish for.

By hiring one of our local fleet of bikes – all well-maintained BMW F650GS single-cylinder machines – you’ll have the freedom to get where you want and at a pace that suits you. We have up to eight bikes available so you can easily come and ride with friends or family too. We can provide you with or without side case luggage, and can even let you have a helmet and gloves within the hire rate.

For a small country one fifth the size of Germany, Georgia packs a serious punch. You can swim in the Black Sea, trek through the amazing Caucasus Mountains, guzzle wine in world-class vineyards, ride over high passes, explore ancient cave cities, peer at 10th-century frescoes and so much more. As with any trip to Georgia, the food is a highlight, and you’ll be spellbound by the gastronomic delights on offer here. Plus, since wine had been made here for 8000 years, it’s in every Georgian’s DNA…

This is fantastic riding in a wonderful country. Let us help you get in the saddle and enjoy it!

The best time to ride here is between June and October, although it is possible to ride at other times of year too – you just might not be able to get into the mountains.

The price quoted is for a single day’s hire – let us know how many days you want.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Tbilisi International Airport
DEPARTURE TIME Any time that suits you
  • Rental of an F650GS motorcycle, properly insured, prepared and maintained for your use.
  • Gloves
  • Helmet
  • Airport collection and drop-off for bikes
  • Fuel
  • Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Visas and other permits as required

We’ll drop your bike(s) off at the airport for you and will collect them from there – or any other Tbilisi location – at the end of your trip. Please note that to hire a motorcycle we will need to see your proof of holding a motorcycle licence.


Day 1: It’s all yours, see you on your return…

What will the weather be like?

This is going to depend on when you go. We suggest the months between June-October are best for travelling by bike here, but even in early June some high passes can still be snowbound. The Caucasus is a big mountain range so the climate can be unpredictable. Best to bring waterproofs on any bike trip, and some warm clothes if you are travelling in spring or Autumn. In summer, ventilated kit is going to be necessary as it can get into the high 30’s in some areas.

How do I navigate?

We don’t hire GPS units, so the best way to navigate is to use an offline mapping app like Galileo or, and mount your smartphone to the handlebars. We will also advise you on some of our favourite routes.

Do you offer a discount for hires of two weeks or more?

Yes, we are always happy to discuss this.

Can I take the bike to a neighbouring country?

No – our bikes are only insured for Georgia.

What happens if I breakdown?

You need to sort it out yourself! But of course you can give our Tbilisi HQ a call and we will do our best to help you from there.

Do you give me spares?

Yes, we give you spare inner tubes and a basic toolkit.

Do you have any other bikes?

No, we’ve chosen the  BMW F650 GS as it’s a comfortable bike suitable for almost every rider. Different than most bikes, the fuel tank is located underneath the rider seat. This causes the centre of gravity of the BMW F650 GS to be low, making it a well-balanced bike. This balance, together with the good suspension and the excellent torque, makes this motorcycle the perfect bike to glide through the long and winding roads of Georgia.

How much are flights?

This totally depends on the season, but there are direct flights from across Europe to Tbilisi and some from further afield. There are also now budget airlines flying to Georgia (mostly to the airport at Kutaisi, from where you’ll transfer to Tbilisi), so it is entirely possible to get a return ticket very cheaply if you shop around and don’t mind the time of day you’ll travel.

We can book your flights for you through our trade ATOL partners – please ask us for details.

What will the food be like?

Georgia has famous cuisine. You will likely adore the food, and if you are at all like us, you’ll need a diet when you get home…

Are the Bikes Insured?

The motorcycles are insured as per local law. Your own travel/personal insurance should cover you for riding a motorcycle of this size in Georgia.