Kyrgyzstan Car Rental

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We have a range of rental vehicles available for you to explore this fantastic country at your own pace.

All vehicles are rented with unlimited mileage and full insurance, which is not offered by many others.

Some models can travel across borders, whilst others cannot – here is a synopsis of what is available:

Ford Ranger : £110 per day, 4/5 persons

2.5 petrol engine
5-speed manual transmission
Large back seat that’s comfortable for adults
Approved for use in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

Renault Duster 4×4: £90 per day, 4 persons

Comfortable and reliable go-anywhere 4×4-ready vehicle with all mod-cons.
2.0 litre gasoline/petrol engine
4-speed automatic transmission
5 seats (4 adults comfortably)
2WD or 4×4
Approved for use in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan

UAZ Hunter 4×4: £85 per day, 4 persons

This extremely rugged 4×4 was introduced in 1971 for the Soviet Military. Still in production, the new UAZ Hunter has been updated with power steering, ABS, and fuel injection, but not much more… This is a modern day classic.

2.7 litre petrol engine
5 speed manual transmission
5 seats (seats 4 adults comfortably)
Approved for use in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan.

Lada 2107 Zhiguli : £50 per day, 4 persons

The Russian-made people’s car. Ubiquitous across the ex-Soviet states, this is basic motoring in a classic vehicle. Not designed for expedition off-road motoring or really for long trips, but brilliant cheap motoring.

1.6 litre fuel injected 4-cylinder engine with roughly 75 asthmatic hp
5 seats, but 4 comfortably
No power-steering
Manual 5-speed transmission
2-wheel drive
Approved for use in Kyrgyzstan only

Niva 4×4 : £80/day, 2 persons

An amazingly capable little 4×4 which is ubiquitous across Russia and the ex-Soviet states. Although these Lada Nivas are pretty new and well maintained, like many Russian cars they are not the most reliable! It is common for small issues with the car to appear (like broken door handles or other small features) and occasionally they will break down. If you are not willing to accept this, you should rent a modern car. This is more ‘experience’ driving than pure automotive pleasure…

1.7 litre petrol engine
Fuel Injected
5 speed manual transmission
Power Steering
5 seats (2 adults comfortably, rear bench seat has no legroom and is pretty pointless really
Full time four-wheel-drive with Low-range and center diff-lock
Approved for use in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Bishkek Manas International Airport
DEPARTURE TIME Any time that suits you
  • Rental of your choice of car, properly insured, prepared and maintained for your use.

You’ll collect the car from our local agent in Bishkek and drop it with them at the end of your trip. Please note that to hire a car we will need to see your proof of holding a valid driving licence.


Day 1: It’s all yours, see you on your return…

What will the weather be like?

This is going to depend on when you go. We suggest the months April-October are suitable for travelling by car here, but even in early June some high passes can still be snowbound.

How much are flights?

This totally depends on season, but an average return flight from Europe to Bishkek is around £450 return.

We can book your flights for you through our trade ATOL partners – please just ask us for details.

Are the Cars Insured?

The cars are insured as per local law. Your own travel/personal insurance should cover you for driving a car in Central Asia.